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Information from BHS Logistics in relation to Corona virus.

Update12-03-2020: Yesterday evening the prime minister of Denmark announced a lockdown in Denmark due to the Corona virus, meaning that all schools, kindergartens, public offices etc. will be closed for a period of 14 days starting tomorrow. Further measures are taken in terms of public transports, bars etc.
Yesterday evening BHS did activate our BCP meaning that our management and key personnel will spend the coming days organizing ourselves taking care of our staff and at the same time securing operations in the best possible way. BHS are following the situation concerning the spreading of Corona virus closely, and we are taking this
very seriously. BHS are following the instructions from the Danish Health Authorities in relation to which pre-cautions to take, as well as instructions from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The following actions have been initiated in BHS:
1. BHS staff and our external drivers have been instructed to follow the recommendations of the Authorities in relation to the Corona virus.
2. Guests/Visitors to BHS facilities are required to follow instructions of BHS staff.
3. Meetings with external people will be evaluated by Senior Management in relation to risk of infection and the purpose of the meeting. This means that already planned meetings might be cancelled/postponed.
4. Travel activity for white-collar workers have been suspended, unless for very urgent purposes. In such case the trip must be approved by the Senior Management of BHS.
5. The Management is following the situation closely, and in case of lack of personnel our Business Continuity Plan will be activated.

Please contact Your contact person in BHS if You have further questions in relation to how BHS are handling
the Corona virus.

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