Strong result in a difficult market for BHS Logistics A/S


 The financial statements of BHS Logistics A/S for 2019 show a profit of EUR 1.48 million after tax. As of December 31, 2019, equity amounted to EUR 8.25 million. In 2019 the turnover was EUR 72.7 million thus showing an increase of EUR 1.8 million or 2.5% compared to the previous financial year. BHS Logistics A/S employed an average of 258 employees in 2019 across the four locations in Ronne, Copenhagen, Odense and Aarhus, which is an increase of 17 full-time positions compared to 2018. As expected, the results of the financial year show a positive development of the company. The year has been characterized by a generally lower market activity during parts of the year, as well as a very competitive market.

“We have achieved a satisfactory result in a highly competitive transport market. We have achieved our results through a dedicated effort to ensure ourselves in relation to future transport requirements. The result has been made possible due to an extraordinary performance by all the employees of BHS Logistics A/S. “All BHS's take pride in making a difference to our customers in everyday life, which the customers notice,” says CEO of BHS Logistics A/S Morten Studsgaard.


Continued development of the company's quality set-up


This year BHS Logistics A/S once again has invested heavily in strengthening the company's quality management, with a special focus on the company's Pharma transport solutions. Similarly, BHS Logistics A/S has had - and continues to have – full focus on digitizing workflows, whereby BHS Logistics A/S continues to strengthen its market position.
“In recent years, we have invested heavily in our quality set-up, in order to offer our customers the best service on the market. At the same time it is very gratifying to see that we again in 2019 was the pharma customers' preferred choice, ”says Morten Studsgaard, and continues; "More and more equipment has also been replaced during the year to ensure that BHS Logistics A/S is constantly improving in relation to the environmental imprint - including training of our drivers to drive environmentally correct."

The company looks conservative at 2020, but expects continued revenue, and with a positive result, but closely follows the development around Covid-19, and is aware that the social and economic development derived from this can have an impact on the activities in 2020. The company is affiliated with Danske Fragtmænd A/S and is part of the networks Nordic Chain AB, Pharma Logistics Alliance Network and System Alliance Europe GmbH. The company has 28 European partners.


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