BHS Logistics A / S moves to a new large logistics center.

It is with great ambitions for the future that BHS Logistics A/S invests heavily in a new logistics center near Køge, South of Copenhagen. This investment will seriously boost the growth of BHS Logistics A / S in order to attract new customers and develop its existing business.

The size of BHS Logistics A/S’ current facilities in Hvidovre is not sufficient to accommodate the growth in existing and new customers that the company experiences and expects in the future.
Simultaneously, BHS Logistics A/S wants to create even better working conditions for its employees.
At the same time, the new logistics center will reduce the company's total CO2 footprint since the new building will reduce the total energy consumption, and due to its location near Køge it will reduce the fuel consumption considerably on all the goods from and to Bornholm that BHS Logistics A/S handles.



Demonstration of the new building near Køge.

“We wish to develop and gather our activities centrally around Copenhagen with an opportunity to also upgrade our pharma setup further, in order to maintain our leading position in pharma transport. The location is chosen as it is a central hub, partly in relation to the surrounding motorway network with suitable conditions for 25 m roadtrains and at the same time as a hub for all our traffic to and from Bornholm. This gives us the best conditions for more efficient logistics, which ultimately means better service for our customers”, says Morten Studsgaard, CEO of BHS Logistics A/S.

This is the largest investment ever for BHS Logistics A/S, and with 4,400m2 of terminal and 2,300m2 of office, BHS Logistics A/S more than triples its capacity on Zealand. The building is constructed with several environmentally friendly measures, e.g. parking facilities will be established prepared for electric cars and there will be solar cells on the roof of the building.

“We are pleased to welcome BHS Logistics A/S to our new logistics center in Køge. The warehouse will be completed in 2022 and will be a state-of-the-art and highly sustainable property that will meet BHS 'ambitious sustainability goals and streamline their business", says Thomas Petersen, Commercial Manager at NREP Logicenters.

The collaboration with NREP Logistics, which is the leading supplier of modern logistics properties in the Nordic region, is important for BHS Logistics A/S to ensure first-class quality.
“We want to secure the future of our company and ensure our customers a high level of quality. Therefore, we invest significantly in expanding our infrastructure. The collaboration with NREP Logicenters is important to us, as they have specialist competencies and experience with similar constructions. We know that we are in safe hands, and look forward to following the construction closely with NREP Logicenters”, says Morten Studsgaard, CEO of BHS Logistics A / S.
The new logistics center is expected to be ready in 2022.

Facts – BHS Logistics A/S
BHS Logistics A / S is a Danish transport company that specializes in pharma transport, and which has extensive experience with transport of both ordinary and special goods, shipping and logistics tasks.
BHS Logistics A / S was established in 1946 on Bornholm, and thus has 75 years of experience from the transport world. The company is family-owned by the Studsgaard family and is headquartered on Bornholm.
BHS Logistics A / S has branches in Rønne, Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense and currently employs approximately 300 employees.


Vesthavnsvej 4
DK-3700 Rønne
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Egedesvej 40
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Stormosevej 20
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