The Danish government has extended the previous actions taken until the 13.04.20, to prevent the spread of the corona virus.
At BHS we are working hard to provide service to customers and partners in this difficult time.
We are fully operational both in domestic Denmark and in Europe, but we do obviously have to take reservations for delays and possible extra costs
due to the very complex situation in both Denmark and in Europe.

Transport to and from especially – but not limited to – Italy, Spain, Portugal, France and several countries in Eastern Europe is currently very challenging, but we still offer solutions even in these markets. In Italy the government has announced that only companies that are producing essential products are allowed to be open for production from the 25.03.20 to the 04.04.20.

We further recommends that our drivers continue to be allowed to use our customers’ toilet facilities, if possible. Thank you in advance for caring about our drivers
We follow the situation carefully and will make updates on our homepage accordingly.

For further information, please reach out to your daily contact person.


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DK-3700 Rønne
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Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Valseholmen 2
DK-2650 Hvidovre
(+45) 36 34 78 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Stormosevej 20
DK-8361 Hasselager
(+45) 87 38 74 00 

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16