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BHS Logistics is a modern transport company focused on our customers’ wishes and needs for large capacity and flexibility, as well as the secure storage, handling and transport of goods.

With approx. 300 employees dispersed across our Danish divisions and by using modern IT and a stable network of agents, we feel at ease in conducting operations both in Denmark and abroad – on land, at sea and in the air.

All company divisions are administratively connected online. And you can book orders via the internet and use services such as our track & trace system. 
BHS Logistics provides the best transport coverage world-wide – on land, at sea and in the air – via our own system and through our partners, agents and own networks. 

We transport both a small parcel from Bornholm to Jutland and a full load from Genoa, Italy, to Stavanger, Norway. BHS Logistics covers all of Europe via our own high-quality network and a large number of circular-route lorries to ensure that our customers’ consignments arrive on time throughout Europe. 

• We cover Europe with our System Alliance Europe. 

• We cover Scandinavia through Nordic Chain (an association of privately-owned freight-forwarding companies in Scandinavia).

• We cover Denmark through our co-ownership of Danske Fragtmænd.

Sector-specific solutions
BHS Logistics also provides specialised sector-specific solutions, including our pharmaceutical-transport set-up where we provide the best solution for pharmaceutical products. We cover all of Europe through PLAN Europe, which was co-founded by BHS Logistics.

BHS Logistics provides logistics services at all three of its locations in Denmark, including storage, pick & pack and a complete range of storage-related services.

Locally on Bornholm
On Bornholm, BHS Logistics provides shipbroking and stevedoring as natural components of our full-service logistics. 

BHS Logistics also provides a number of services on Bornholm in the areas of contractor transport and speciality transports. In these areas we cover everything from crane tasks, bulk transport and specialised tank-transports to commercial waste collection

BHS Logistics also owns BHS Service Center A/S, which repairs, services and sells lorries and equipment.

In short
BHS Logistics makes sure to meet your needs. We create value by applying our in-depth, specialised knowledge and drawing on lessons learnt over many years. We offer to ease the everyday tasks of the business community through our A-to-Z logistics solutions.

A high level of service
BHS Logistics objective is to provide services with a high level of quality: 

• Tasks are performed at the time agreed with the customer. 
• Large capacity and flexibility. 
• Competitive prices.
• Use of future-oriented IT.
• Quality-conscious, loyal and well-trained employees. 
• Prompt, detailed invoicing. 
• Door-to-door and day-to-day distribution. 

Core products
BHS Logistics core products: 

• Road transport of goods.
• Sea freight.
• Air freight.
• Logistics.
• Pharmaceuticals.
• Wine and spirits.
• Shipbroking service on Bornholm.
• Contractor transport on Bornholm.
• Workshop service on Bornholm.


Vesthavnsvej 4
DK-3700 Rønne
(+45) 56 93 15 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Egedesvej 40
DK-4600 Køge
(+45) 36 34 78 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Stormosevej 20
DK-8361 Hasselager
(+45) 87 38 74 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16