BHS Service Center

BHS Service Center has a modern, fully-functional workshop at its disposal where we service and repair lorries, trailers and construction equipment for a wide variety of customers on a daily basis

• You need to get back out on the road as soon as possible. Therefore, we give high priority to doing our job with precision and expertise.

• BHS Service Center is an authorised dealer of MAN and Scania. 

• Being an authorised dealer of lorries and equipment places an obligation on us, as these products often require a sizeable investment. We have good contact with the manufacturers of the products we distribute. We visit one another’s facilities several times a year and are in contact on a daily basis. This keeps us up to date with prices, product ranges and spare parts at all times.

• BHS Service Center is staffed with highly-trained mechanics, shop foremen and storehouse clerks. 

• The development of new technologies is a dynamic process. This explains why our employees are regularly taking courses to master the latest technology in the area of servicing lorries and rolling-stock repair.

BHS Service Center A/S 
Sales and service workshop for lorries, lifting and hoisting equipment, trailers and much more besides  
Vesthavnsvej 4, DK-3700 Rønne 
Tel.: (+45) 5693 1650,


Vesthavnsvej 4
DK-3700 Rønne
(+45) 56 93 15 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Egedesvej 40
DK-4600 Køge
(+45) 36 34 78 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Stormosevej 20
DK-8361 Hasselager
(+45) 87 38 74 00 

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16