BHS Logistics is ISO 9001:2015-Certified

BHS Logistics is ISO 9001:2015-certified, which supports our position as one of the market’s most preferred choice of supplier or business partner in the field of freight forwarding and logistics services of the highest quality – and with a personal touch.

The certification is the best possible way to support the ongoing process of providing the market with qualitative, flexible and cost-effect transport and logistics solutions. Our company maintains its high standards through its self-policing and document-management systems, and wants to be a strong team player who can instil confidence in our customers.
BHS Logistics customer relationships are based on mutual respect, and we give high priority to being thoroughly informed of our customers’ needs. This enables us to select the solutions which meet their needs, and ensure that their goods arrive safely at the time agreed. 

BHS Logistics is continuously expanding its European network’s keen focus on selecting business partners who work according to the same high standards of quality as we do.


Vesthavnsvej 4
DK-3700 Rønne
(+45) 56 93 15 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Egedesvej 40
DK-4600 Køge
(+45) 36 34 78 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Stormosevej 20
DK-8361 Hasselager
(+45) 87 38 74 00 

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16