Shipbroker Bornholm

BHS Logistics services ships calling at the ports of Rønne and Nexø – and performs all tasks in the areas of cruise ships, chartering, agency and stevedoring.

BHS Logistics clears all types of ships through customs, primarily in Rønne, including stevedoring.

As a coordinator between shipping company, port authorities, the captain, customs authorities, stevedores, and others, we provide fast and reliable handling of both ship and cargo by ensuring that documents and other formalities are in order.

The Port of Rønne is the gateway to and from Bornholm for incoming and outgoing goods and products. Our list of references includes: minerals, sand, feedstuffs, grain, crushed rock, coal, wood pellets, oil/petrol, scrap metal, and project consignments of every kind.

We handle more than one million ton of goods a year.

BHS Logistics also provides:
• Tender service in the Baltic Sea.
• Crew replacement.
• Applications for Schengen visas according to regulations.
• Spare parts.
• Fresh water and supplies.
• Diving service.
• Bunkering, and 
• Repairs.

BHS Logistics has connections to shipping companies and agents around the world, which enables the company to acquire the type and size of ship our customers need at any time. At the same time we make sure that the ships selected, meet official requirements and safety regulations to ensure that the required certification of the individual transports is in order.

Cruise ships
The Port of Rønne is Denmark’s second-largest cruise-ship port with more than 50 arrivals every year. BHS Logistics service provisions include: 

• Customs and passport control.
• Supplies.
• Passenger excursions and tours.

BHS Logistics has more than 80 years’ experience as a Lloyds Sub Agent 


Contact BHS Shipping/Port Agency

mail:  - Phone (24 hrs) +45 56 93 17 00


Vesthavnsvej 4
DK-3700 Rønne
(+45) 56 93 15 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Egedesvej 40
DK-4600 Køge
(+45) 36 34 78 00

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16


Stormosevej 20
DK-8361 Hasselager
(+45) 87 38 74 00 

Cvr. nr. 35 25 55 16